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About the layout

The PSMRE model railroad is an HO-scale (1:87) model representing Tacoma, WA railroading in the 1950's. The 25' by 95' exhibit area provides a compressed view of local landmarks from Tacoma's Asarco Tunnel to Stampede Pass, and includes trackage and equipment from the Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Union Pacific and Milwaukee Road railroads. In addition to being a public display, the model is used as an operating forum for PSMRE members.

For those of you interested in details about the exhibit's construction, operation and even some pictures, see the exhibit detail page.

Location and hours

The exhibit is located on Level 5 of the Washington State History Museum, in Tacoma, WA. It can be viewed during normal museum hours. When no PSMRE operators are in attendance, five trains run automatically at the push of a button. See below for information on special events, some of which feature more extensive railroad operations by PSMRE members.

For details on museum location, admission prices and hours, see the museum page or call for museum information: 1-888-BE-THERE or 253-272-3500.

Schedule of special public displays and events

Our regularly-scheduled operating sessions occur the first Saturday of every month (see below for exceptions).  The sessions typically run from about 10:30 am to about 3:00 pm.  During these sessions, club members operate the model using "real railroad methods", or as close as we can get.  We have a dispatcher, who communicates with the train "crews" via radio, and we try to run passenger trains and freight trains according to correct procedures.  It gets a little hectic sometimes!  Come down and watch us try and wiggle our way through hours of operations without a mishap. 

For more information

Details about the layout:. More about the railroad model, including statistics, photographs, construction details, discussion of operating principals, and other items of interest to railfans, history buffs and model railroaders. Well, we don't have all that just yet!

The PSMRE organization: More information on the organization's purpose, origins, and members.

The PSMRE Logo: what it means and how it was designed.

Membership information: Find out more about PSMRE and how to join.

Washington State History Museum: See the WSHS pages for information on our host organization, including hours, fees, and location. Or call 1-888-BE-THERE, or 253-272-3500.

Contacting us:

By e-mail: (
By regular mail: PSMRE, 1911 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402-3901
WSHS Museum: call 1-888-BE-THERE, or 253-272-3500

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The train near the bottom of the page was created by Randal O'Toole of PRPA, used here by license.