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UP traces its roots to 1848 (first track laid for Galena and Chicago Union Railroad), 1862 (Pacific Railroad Act charters Union Pacific and Central Pacific), or 1865 (first UP rails laid in Omaha). In 1869 one of the most famous scenes in railroad history took place at Promontory, Utah, when the UP and Central Pacific gave the United States its first transcontinental rail link.

In 1884 the Oregon Short Line was completed, connecting the UP to the Pacific Northwest via the Oregon-Washington Railroad and Navigation Company. UP still operates in Tacoma, and more info is available on the PSMRE page "Tacoma's Local Railroads Today"

For more information on the Union Pacific:

Union Pacific Corporation is the parent company of the Union Pacific Railroad.
The railroad's site has an excellent history page.

The UP Historical Society has a page with minimal information.

Or write to the UP Historical Society at: UPHS, PO Box 4006, Cheyenne, WY 82003-4006

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