PSMRE General Exhibit Photos for Year 1999

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May 1999

These photos show the plaster hard shell scenery at the right end of the train exhibit. The hard shell is now covered with artificial fur and hundreds of trees. The gray spots on the white plaster are cast rocks. The plaster hard shell also conceals the helix, which is a spiral of track that moves trains down from the mail level at Auburn to the Seattle staging yard under the main level.

July 1999

Photos by Paul Rising.

 The roundhouse at Bayhead Yard. All that remains of the roundhouse is the turntable still visible at the West end of the yard.

 The roundhouse was built by Gene Swanson, son of a longtime Northern Pacific employee that worked at the roundhouse.


Union Pacific passenger train pulls the hill toward Nelson Bennett tunnel while a coal drag is pushed into ASARCO.

Northern Pacific freight pulls East past 21st street.

Northern Pacific freight heads West along Commencement Bay and is passing the location of Sperry mill.

Northern Pacific freight heading East out of East Auburn, WA.

Three pictures of a Tacoma landmark, Top of the Ocean restaurant. Walking past you can almost hear the band playing.

To the East of Top of the Ocean is the fish market, which is still standing today. Across the tracks and no longer in existence is McCarver St. passenger station.

Another view of Top of the Ocean, the fish market and McCarver St. Station.

Two views of the Milwaukee Road passenger terminal in Tacoma, WA. The terminal is no longer in existence.

Marshall and Doug work in the tide flats area.

Picture of the upper level, Stampede, WA, and lower level, East of Reservation.

Upper level high bridge just East of Lester, WA. Lower level, approaching Puyallup, WA from the West.

Northern Pacific freight East bound almost at Lester, WA.

Right hand end of exhibit, this is where the upper level comes down to meet the main level at the Auburn, WA wye. Visible in the picture is where East Auburn passenger station (white plaster area) will be located. Kanasket is above East Auburn.

Looking East, single track mainline crossing Green River and Eagle Gorge. Permanent bridges are now in place.

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