PSMRE General Exhibit Photos for Year 2000

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January 2000

Photos by Max Maginness.

The Original placeholder bridge that allowed trains to run while waiting for the permanent bridge structure.

The following 7 photos are of the permanent structure known as High Bridge.

High Bridge is on the Northern Pacific mainline between Lester and Stampede Pass.

Visitors are often seen watching trains traverse the bridge structure, especially one of the several passenger trains that pass this way.


Excursion Trip July 2000

Photos by Paul Rising.

Some small rail fans joined us for an excursion ride from East Auburn, WA to Stampede, WA. The excursion train stopped frequently for photo opportunities.

East bound from East Auburn.

NP Green River bridge.

Entering Kanaskat.

Leaving Kanaskat.

Eagle Gorge.


Leaving Lester.

High Bridge.





Miscellaneous Photographs July 2000

Photos by Paul Rising.

East Tacoma industry.

Rail Road car ferry and Tide Flats Area.

View towards the Tacoma Tide Flats.

Car bridge near Kanaskat.

Eagle Gorge dam with lower (bottom right corner) and upper NP mainline tracks to Stampede. Middle track represents Milwaukee.

Upper NP mainline from Kanaskat to Stampede. Track under bridge represents Milwaukee mainline. NP main from East Auburn to Kanaskat is visible lower left of the picture.

Two more views of upper and lower NP mainline. Lower mainline is East Auburn to Kanaskat. Upper mainline is Kanaskat to Stampede. Tack in the middle represents the Milwaukee mainline. Headworks Dam at Eagle Gorge and Green River can be seen in the picture on the right.

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