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John Armstrong, acclaimed model railroad designer and pioneer, became the first Honorary Member of PSMRE on April 3, 1998. He was in Tacoma after accepting an invitation by PSMRE Charter Member Bob Chapman to be keynote speaker at the 1998 NMRA-PNR, 4th Division Spring Meet. Preceding his participation in the Spring Meet, John was invited by PSMRE to join club members, local model railroaders and Washington State History Museum staff in a private showing of the WSHM layout.

During the visit, a brief ceremony was held honoring John for his many achievements and contributions to the hobby. Following the ceremony, John toured the layout with PSMRE Chief Engineer and layout designer Marshall Wilson acting as host. The evening was completed with a reception, dinner and an opportunity for all of us to share in John's numerous anecdotes about the hobby.



 Here the noted layout designer John Armstrong reviews intricate hand-laid trackage near Union Station with PSMRE Chief Engineer and Designer, Marshall Wilson. In the middle ground, the UP passenger train is one of the many "public automated" trains that runs through the trackage. During his tour of the PSMRE layout, Mr. Armstrong stated, "This is an example of how excellence is running rampant in the hobby."


Following a brief ceremony, PSMRE Treasurer Michael Highsmith presents John Armstrong with an official PSMRE badge, symbolizing his status as an Honorary Member of the Club.


 After his tour of the PSMRE Layout, John Armstrong poses with (l-r) Tom Kenneally; PSMRE Vice President, Dick Molzahn; PSMRE Operations Engineer and PSMRE President Bill Claypool.

Upon concluding his visit, Mr. Armstrong remarked that, "The PSMRE Layout is exceptional, it proves that sound planning and innovative design, makes for a quality layout."

Text and photos in this section by Michael Highsmith.

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