PSMRE Operating Session Photos for

August 5, 2000

PSMRE logo

PSMRE Members present for the Operating Session.

Dan checks his switch list in East Tacoma.

Doug is Head of Bay yardmaster.

Tom and Al working in Auburn Yard.

Clint switching East Tacoma industries.

Al leaves Puyallup headed for Tacoma.

Warren drives a Milwaukee transfer from Milwaukee yard to NP's Head of Bay yard.

Running to Puyallup.

Working Tacoma tide flats.

Activity in Head of Bay Yard.

UP peddler freight awaits clearance to take NP main at Reservation.

Milwaukee passenger station at Tacoma.

NP Dispatcher at work. Al tracking train locations.

An eastbound timed freight passes the Headworks Dam at Eagle Gorge.

Paul with Mt. Rainier in the background.


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